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Gravity fiels and spacetime fabric

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    I have come up with my own theory, but only from minimal knowledge of the subject, it does not defy relativity, the definition of forces, but it does define the effect of gravity as a multiple functioning force that interacts with space fabric to make a diffusive pull. It also helps to explain the acceleration of the universe in an outward direction. i do not have my documents with me, but if you e-mail me at avemt1@yahoo.com I will reply to you with the documents attatched. In the mean time I still have a question that will tell me wether i am wright or wrong.

    How does gravity react with spacetime fabric?
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    Due to the much expected article of Scientific American Magazine 'Out of the Darkness'. I am retiring this glorious theory development, and am at my wits end to the magnitude and loss my soul has taken. The article states my theory perfectly, and i did not use mathematics. Just cognitive appraisal of laws and situations. I hope to find someone out there that i could contact to the effect of helping with the theory. I have many more. I know hope is not fading. life goes on, and mine i hope is not too far behind.

    Thank you
    Here is the link
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