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Gravity in "Arrival"

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    In the film the Arrival, of Denis Villeneuve, the alien ship apparently subjugates the terrestrial gravity. It's one thing to simulate gravity in space, another thing would be to simulate a gravitational system apart on Earth. Is there at least a theoretical possibility for this? How?

    The premise is that to simulate a gravitational field equivalent to that of Earth, a system should have the same mass as Earth. So the proposal of the film would be no more than pure fantasy or speculation!
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    Magnets can make things "float", MagLev trains, for instance. What the Heptapods did was, of course, well beyond that.
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    Maybe the ship can emit equations that can change the Einstein Field Equations and change spacetime curvature to do what it can do? Remember gravity is not a force.. but just equations of differential manifold (creating spacetime curvature)
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    There is no credible theory that allows for antigravity. There's nothing more to be said here.
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