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Gravity Lens loop

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    Thought experiment.

    Imagine building two optical mirrors around the sun an astrophysical body of the right mass, lined and diametrically opposed, at the right distance so that the sun is acting as a gravitational lens.

    Mirror A reflects the light from any extrasolar object and directs it to mirror B.
    Because of lensing, the image arrives amplified.
    Mirror B reflects the light back to A, so the image is again amplified.
    And so on.

    Would it work?
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    What do the mirrors have to do with gravitational lensing?

    Gravitational lensing does not magnify objects; it simply bends the path of light from them. It does not bend them in a way that can bring an image to focus.

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    The mirrors are here to direct the light.

    From your source: «The lensing effect can magnify and distort the image of the background source.»
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    I think you'd need to elaborate on your plan. I don't think it'll work the way you think it will.
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