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Gravity manipulation

  1. Feb 4, 2016 #1
    With the upcoming gravitational waves discovery , after we study their practical aspect enough , will we ever be able to manipulate gravity or something as such ? What exactly are the major benefits of this discovery . It ''opens a window for physics'' but what exactly this implies besides the nature of primeval supermassive blackholes collisions and other astral mechanisms.
    Because , I tought , we'll obviously learn more about the higgs boson and it's propreties ,so we could control experiment with it ..?
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    Let's see...
    We are able to manipulate gravity. Move an object from A to B: you changed the gravitational field. That is all the manipulation we can do - we cannot violate the laws of physics, we can only work with them.
    It will help to understand various astrophysical processes. You won't be able to buy an application of gravitational wave detectors in the supermarket. At least not within the next decades.
    We can produce and study it, but it is too short-living to do more with it. You won't be able to buy an application of the Higgs boson discovery in the supermarket. At least not within the next decades.

    Sometimes fundamental research needs a long time to find applications, but often it does - in ways no one could imagine at the time the research was done. The whole field of quantum mechanics emerged from a few details that were not understood - now our modern world would not exist without knowledge of quantum mechanics. General relativity already found an application - GPS would not work properly without taking its effects into account.
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    As a comparison, think about how we manipulate electromagnetism. Essentially everything we can do using EM is based on the simple concept of moving charges around. The large effects seen from moving electric charges arises mostly because the EM force is MUCH stronger than gravitation (about 1036 to 1041 times as strong).
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