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Gravity movement and kinetic energy

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    My thing is Movement,and Gravity ,plus their relationship with Kinetic energy.
    With the right pattern of movement I think gravity can be neutralised.

    I am working with loudspeakers which provide the movement, this appears as
    vibration and can be transferred to any material .The idea being to possibly
    discover whether there is any duality to kinetic energy and study the resultant forms .
    This may sound bizarre.But there is very little evidence of any research ever being carried out
    out to determine whether fields of energy appear round a moving object .and there is plenty of
    evidence to show that moving bodies in the physical sense can exhibit strange behaviour
    Such is my thinking and theory.A lot of great mathmeticians have spent time
    studying and theorising what happens to moving bodies trajectories ,orbits and
    such, but there is no information about movement itself.there`s lots and lots
    of very high tech data about what a moving body does .Iam looking at what the
    moving body possesses.
    Everything is created by movement ,or can be created
    by movement either physical or electromagnetic... Heat, light ,magnetism, sound
    electricity, the weather. "Everything".... It seems only reasonable that gravity itself
    must also be due to movement...
    Do you think these Ideas have any merit .or is it just a pipe dream to consider that
    a moving object .has in itself some as yet undefined property...
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