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Gravity of Torus

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    This may not be the right place for it but I have a question about the torus.

    In the centre point, the exact middle of the hole in the torus if a lets say, a perfect sphere was placed there, would it simply stay in the one place if everything was stationary?

    Also could you walk all over a torus without the gravity of one area affecting another, or would this depend on the size of the hole? For example if you were walking toward the inside of the torus, when you got to the exact middle point, would you be affected by the gravity on the opposite side of the hole to where you are standing?
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    a torus is like a doughnut right?
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    yes, assuming uniform density of the torus.

    As for your other question, the gravity at any point is the sum (integral) of all the mass of torus, using the inverse square law. It is a fairly complicated calculation.
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