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Gravity Probe B

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    Do the Gravity Probe B results provided by NASA from 2011 support and lean in favor of a 4-dimensional everyday world? The world you and I live in. Do the results argue for block time?
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    The results are consistent with GR to a rather low level of accuracy. I think that is about all you can say.
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    There's a great anecdote from a Tom Stoppard play:

    To make your question meaningful, you'd have to define what you thought the world would be like if it was *not* four-dimensional. Newtonian mechanics can be described in terms of a 4-dimensional world.

    The block universe is a philosophical idea, not a testable scientific theory. The block universe picture has been discussed many, many times on PF, e.g., https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=643851 .
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