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Gravity problem please help

  1. Feb 12, 2008 #1
    1. 4. A stone is dropped from the edge of a cliff and falls into the sea 72 meters below. The stone has a mass of 2 kg: air resistance on the stone may be assumed to have a constant value of 2 Newton’s. (gravity strength on Earth = 10 N/kg; a mass of 1 kg needs a 10 Newton force to lift it)
    D) What acceleration will this resultant force produce on the stone?

    Hi i have been assigned this but cannot find my notes on it and I am stuck could anyone please help?
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    Can you at least quote a relevant formula, e.g. one that will give you the acceleration from the forces? (Hint: Newton)
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    Yes, use one of Newton's laws when thinking of what will give you the acceleration. Also think in terms of exactly what forces are acting on the object.
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