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Gravity question

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    ok, this may seem comical, but here it goes,:blushing:

    lets say I dig a hole right trough the planet, ignoring the heat at the core and bla bla bla
    and I get to the exact middle of the sphere. how will be the efffect of gravity there, will I get tossed from one side to the other of will I just keep going feeling nothing has changed.Or will I stay stuck in the middle,lets say I trow myself down this hole, will I like pop out the other end then fall back in and pop at the end from where I jumed in? and so on so forth, how would my fall be affected.
    thanks again, for shedding some light on my poor understanding of this phenomenone.
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    If you shovely your way to the center of the earth, you will be stuck there. Gravity at the center of the earth is zero. If you jump into a hole bored all the way through the earth, you will yo-yo back and forth. Air friction will slow you down with each cycle until, once again, you end up stuck in the middle with you.
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    also you would resonate. the time to reach the center would not depend on the height of your starting point.
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