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Gravity question

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    Im just a little confused on a question dealing with gravity.

    ok so if i am standing on a roof and i throw a ball downwards with an acceleration

    the acceleration of the ball will be the acceleration i applied to it plus the acceleration of gravity correct?

    or is it just the acceleration of gravity because after i let go of the ball there is not force being applied to it which will therefore cause it not to accelerate faster than gravity.
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    Your last statement is the correct one.
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    You do accelerate the ball with your hand before you let go, giving it a certain velocity, but once it's left your hand, the only acceleration is due to gravity (ignoring slight resistance from the air).
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    Thanks :)
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    Yep. The force that you apply acts only for that instant of time when you interact with the body. After that, it's all up to gravity to do it's job ;)
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