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Homework Help: Gravity Questions

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    1. Two identical balls are dropped from rest, one at t=0, and the other a second later. Does the distance between them increase, decrease or remain the same.? Explain.

    2. Write the general equations, in one dimension, for position and velocity of an object which experiences a constant acceleration.

    Someone please help..i have no idea how to answer this. Thanks
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    Do you know how to do #2?

    For #1, just think about it. In between t=0 and t=1, will the balls be getting farther apart? After t=1, will the balls have identical velocity?
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    no they will not have identical velocities. so yea they will be the same distance between them. I dont know 2,
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    Are you sure? What is the formula for distance of free fall in a gravity field? At the 3 second mark how far are they apart. At the 5 second mark how far apart are they?
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    i dunno wat formula ur tokin abt
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