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Gravity related project

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    This is not course-work but I was under the impression anything that could be cousework should be posted here.

    Pretty much I was wondering if this is a feasible project to take on for a weekend or two activity:


    I was under the impression that the gravitational force produced by the weights would be much less then the torsional force required to turn the wire, or am I missing something?
    Much thanks in advanced for any responses!
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    not applicable
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    Wow, that is one neat experiment! Definitely worth a weekend or two.
    Yes, it should work. When first done it required spheres of solid gold, but the monofilament fishing line, the time lapse camera and no need to measure the force makes easy enough for an amateur weekend project.
    I expect it will require considerable patience to get the suspended arm to balance well, the fishing line to stabilize and to stop the air currents in the room. Cameras can be trying, too. Have fun and report back!
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    well me and a freind from school have just started it so il get back with a new thread and hopefully some working videos! (once it is done in a few weeks of course)
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