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JavaScript Gravity Simulator

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    Recently I have been working on a gravity simulator using JavaScript and HTML Canvas
    I know that is not the most practical method but it fits my current skill set at the moment
    I have worked out the basics but due to my lack of experience in coding I was simply looking for people who better understand the language as well as the physics applied by my program to take a look at it and give feedback and what works well and more importantly what I could improve
    I especially would like feedback on my way of calculating acceleration and velocity for the planets as I am almost positive that better methods are available
    I also believe that since the canvas is updated based on frames and frame rate can vary this might cause an issue in the calculations so any help resolving that issue would be appreciated

    The code the for program can be found here

    As I stated it is currently using JavaScript and HTML Canvas so the program itself is HTML
    To run the program one can either save the code as an HTML file or use a HTML simulating website such as http://www.onlinehtmleditor.net/ which will show the program in a preview box

    In the program itself the gravitational constant can be altered using the Q and W keys, the size of newly created planets can be altered using the A and S keys, the space image background can be toggled using the B key, and the program can be paused using the space bar

    The code right now is probably very sloppy at the moment since I am fairly new to coding therefore any help at all would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you so much for helping me and good luck
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