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Gravity siphon and dark matter

  1. Mar 23, 2008 #1
    This idea came to me recently and I would like to share it. It has to do with the phenomena called a siphon. If I was to start with a pool of 1 million liters of water, using a siphon, I can lift all the water, one meter, against gravity (siphon hump) without using any additional gravity potential, than is already in the pool. If we didn't know how a siphon worked it would look like anti-gravity or a repulsion affect within the pool.

    The way the siphon works, is the potential energy release by the falling water pulls a vacuum suction. This potential is used to lift the water up the siphon. In terms of a water siphon, the suction acts like a repulsive force that stretches the electro-static binding between the water molecules. This EM potential is conducted all the way to the pool, until this pseudo-EM repulsion causes the water to overcome gravity. If an air bubble gets into the siphon, it breaks, due to the inability to conduct EM.

    Based on these observations, dark matter and dark energy, appear to follow all the logic of the water gaining potential by going up a siphon hill. It is sort of like the gravity potential of the universe is conducting potential up front, to run a siphon. Once it begins one would expect to see both anti-gravity plus pseudo-EM repulsion affects in the siphon hump that will ultimately lead to a net lowering of gravity potential.
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