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Gravity v.electromagnetism

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    gravity vs. EM HELP ME!!!

    As I understand it, gravity applies to large bodies and electromagnetism applies to small bodies? gravity being the weaker of the two forces.
    can these two theories be unified?

    assuming the eltromagnetic attraction of particles at the atomic level, wouldn't it be intuitive to say that gravity is the effect of a bodies' elctromagnetic density on another bodies electomagnetic density? The greater the mass and density of an object, the greater the attraction on other objects. this would smooth the problem between large and small body attraction, no? there would be no warping of spacetime to account for the attraction of large bodies, just the magnetic attraction of all masses at the atomic level.
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    Thats the big question in physics at the moment and string theory is one of the main contenders.

    As for gravity being a form of EM, which is a fair conclusion to draw, its not correct. Einstein tells us that mass warps space time in such a way as to cause gravitational forces. This mass is supposedly caused by the higgs particle and field
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