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B Gravity-velocity confusion

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    Please excuse my ignorance as I request some clarification. I was researching the possible increase in gravity as a body's velocity increases and there was so ambiguity for some were saying that gravity does increase with an increase in relativistic mass while others were denouncing this concept. Any clarification would be very much appreciated.
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    If you have found a source that says that "gravity does increase with an increase in relativistic mass", there are two possibilities:
    1) Either you have misunderstood what you read; OR
    2) What you read is just plain wrong.
    However, there is no way for us or anyone else to tell which it is if you will not tell us what you've been looking at.

    This thread is closed; when you are ready to cite your sources properly you can PM any of the mentors (or just report this post) and we can reopen it for you. In the meantime, you should read Orodruin's Insights article on what relativistic mass is (and is not) and why the concept is seldom used these days.
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