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Gravity versus light

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    Hi everyone,

    I've just spend the last 11 months working on my first novel, rewriting the whole thing until it shines. But i have been struggling with keeping the physics straight. A core concept of the novel is that the main characters and their adversaries are all anthropomorphic versions of basic ideas and concepts, or at the very least what people believe they encapsulate. This does allow for some leeway in the actual underlying science.

    Gravity is the main character in this novel and the climax rests upon her fight against Light. Now, the actual turning point of this fight is where my problem begins. At first i wanted to level the playing field by having Gravity move as fast as Light, either since gravitational waves are able to travel at the lightspeed or because gravity is basicly everywhere. But this would present a problem in the next two novels that i have planned out, as it would make her overpowered.

    So i assumed that i could solve this by having Gravity increase her own mass so much that she warps spacetime itself around her. In effect this would resemble gravitational timedilation. Do note that this all takes place in a sort of shadow dimension, where these concepts are unable to alter our reality, thus endangering only those that happen to be in that place at the time. But i fear that i'm wrong in thinking that if she did that for a fraction of a second that she would be able to relatively experience time as moving slow enough to be able to fight .

    Another idea was that she would instead increase Light's mass to slow her down instead. I know, light doesn't have mass, but the form that she takes on does. But again, to me it seems overpowered that she would be able to change the mass of others.

    If the moment wasn't the turning tide of the battle, i could've scrapped it. But instead i'm hoping that one of you might be able to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Since you are anthropomorphizing physical characteristics of the universe you are doing something that has no basis in science and in fact is anti-scientific, you can make up anything you like
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    As was said the first time around with this question.

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    Have her turn into a geon. A stable configuration of light that gravitates.
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