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Gravity Waves & Solar Objects

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    If two spinning, neutron stars in a tight orbit lose energy by giving off gravity waves, why don't other objects in orbit do the same? I don't understand what makes the two neutron stars unique. Why wouldn't the moon and the Earth give off gravity waves as well? I also know that the moon is slowly moving away from us, so this is very confusing to me.
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    According to GR, they do; but the rate of energy loss is a lot smaller so we can't directly measure it. The systems with two neutron stars are the only ones we know of that have a rate of energy loss due to gravitational waves that is within our capability to measure with our current technology.

    This is a different effect; it's due to the tidal interaction between the Earth and the Moon, and doesn't involve emission of gravitational waves.
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    They earth does give off gravity waves. They're just very weak, so weak they produce no noticeable effects even over millenia.

    The earth goes around the sun once a year, so only sends one crest-to-trough-to-crest wave in a year. The two orbiting neutron stars do an orbit in minutes and have maybe a million times the mass of the earth, so they're radiating away a million times as much energy in each pulse, and doing the pulses 100,000 times as quickly.
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    Ahh, I see. That makes a lot of sense. Can I also conclude that out bodies are experiencing gravitational waves from a wide variety of sources, and thus have our shape contorted on an unimaginably small scale?

    Thank you both very much :smile:
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    In principle, yes; but there are so many other things contorting our bodies on much larger scales that the gravitational waves would not have a chance to contort anything.
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    Thanks again! :smile:
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    Orbital decay due to gravitational wave emission has also been detected in some closely orbiting white dwarf binaries. See this paper for example. Imagine two white dwarfs orbiting with a 12 minute period!
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    Thanks for that, very interesting.
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