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Grayman - Introduction

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    I am supposed to give an introduction. Unfortunately I never know what to say about myself until circumstances create a context in which some of my traits or experiences then become relevant.

    So what is relevant here on this physics forum? Why am I here?
    Mainly I have been researching on the internet various topics in from how the earth sustains core temperature, to quantum mechanics. My most recent interest was Bohmian Mechanics.

    In pursuit of such knowledge I ran into several barriers but two stick out.

    1) Language
    Even though we may all speak English, every different area of study creates their own names for things and concepts. Worse they abbreviate them.
    2) Interpretations
    The internet does everything it can to misinterpret someone else misinterpretation so that you have no clue what is factual.

    I am hoping this forum will be a huge factor in me getting past these barriers. And while reading is certainly helpful and very important, sometimes interaction provides the stimuli to make things exciting and to perhaps ask questions when the barriers become too much for me.

    Anyways, all I am hoping for is to explore and to find out how things work in this universe of ours. Maybe we have the same goals. :)
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    Welcome to PF!
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