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GRE Analytical Writing

  1. Oct 21, 2014 #1
    What is a reasonable analytical writing GRE score for a science/math/engineering programs? I had something like a 4.5/6.0 which seems kind of mediocre. I talked to some professors about why the general GRE is required, but they said that it was mainly aimed towards testing international students' grasp of English and their basic writing skills. Is it worth retaking if my other scores are good? How significant is the general GRE score for such programs?
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    A mediocre AW score on the general GRE, in a STEM context, means 3 and lower. There are two uses for the general GRE: some schools will use it as a criterion to make a first cut which, with respect to general GRE, means either that a weaker GGRE score in one area has to be made up in some other fashion, like GPA/research experience (a soft GRE cutoff), or that your application will then be thrown out. Other schools will use it to award school-wide fellowships based on GPA/GGRE scores.

    A 4.5 on AW is not worth retaking.
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