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    I have a Bachelor degree in Physics and will finish my Master studies in approximately 3 semesters time (quantum field theory). Here at the university in Switzerland, nobody cares about tests like GRE and TOEFL. But since I'm planning to apply to a doctoral program in Canada (maybe Toronto or so), I'm wondering if I should do this tests.

    I have already a Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), which I passed whith a C (I did it more than four years ago...). As I have improved my English skills since then, I'm wondering if I should take the TOEFL test. What do you think?

    Someone told me that you normally do the GRE test when you want to do your Master studies abroad. So, is it advisable to take the GRE after finishing the Master program? Or is this rather useless because it is designed for undergraduate students (Bachelor students)?
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    I think you are misunderstanding something here. GRE is part of a requirement (or strong recommendation) when it comes to graduate school admission, which includes both Master's and Ph.D. Since you are an international student, chances are, the school you are applying to (If it is US or Canada) will require you to take TOEFL as well.

    Judged from your writing skill, I think you'll do well on TOEFL. GRE however, is a different story, you want to make sure you are prepared for the verbal section.
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    I46kok makes a good point about the GRE. Actually, the GRE is in the process of being changed, but at this moment scoring well on the verbal section basically comes down to memorizing a very large number of english words that are rarely used today. Make sure you study hard for that portion!

    And yes, chances are you'll need both to attend a Canadian university anyways, so you might as well get started.
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    Okay, I think I will do both tests...

    Yet, I've got another question: When you talk about the GRE, you mean the subject test, do you? I read on the homepage of the GRE examinations that there exists also a more general exam. Is it enough to do the subject test, or is it advisable to do the general test as well?
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    Most places require both
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    I found an article in the internet which states that TOEFL is a level B2 test while CAE is a C1. Therefore, I think the CAE exam should be the more difficult one.

    However, do you know if the American and Canadian universities do accept the Cambridge Certificate?
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    Hmm I think it might vary depending on the graduate school. Most graduate schools only mention the TOEFL test on their website. You should inquire at each graduate school whether they will accept the Cambridge certificate in place of the TOEFL.
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