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GRE aspirant

  1. Aug 26, 2009 #1
    Hello friends,I am doing my MSc equivalent coursework in Physics in a reputed research Institute in India.However,I do not want to continue here (Ph.D).The thing is that they would not give me an MS if I wish to leave.

    I wish to appear for general G.R.E and subject G.R.E next year (2010) August and November respectively.My school & high school results were good;I got two nationally recognized scholarship during college;however, my B.S. (undergrad) result was not so good.I need to know the chance of getting into a good enough university in the US;may not be top 15,but may be top 50!

    My college teachers knew me well and they can give me recommendations.It would have been good if people here would give me a recommendation.I do not know if they will,but there is chance that they will not.
    May be I will be able to get at most one recommendation.

    If I be able to do good in G.R.E.s, where I may land up at last?

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    Vanadium 50

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    Poor college grades will make things more difficult. So will a small number of letters of recommendation, particularly if they are from people unknown to the admissions committee. The longer ago they knew you, the less weight they will have as well. Finally, while there is a difference between Top 15 and Top 50, it's not so big as you may think.
  4. Aug 27, 2009 #3
    "may not be top 15,but may be top 50!"

    I would say that for graduate school it really doesn't work that way. To people within a field of study the research group you work with means more than the school. That is because many smaller schools can be research leaders various niches.

    To people not in the field of study, the name of the school means more. If you don't have the grades and don't know any of the professors in the research group your applying to it may be tough to get in.
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