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GRE Buddy

  1. May 7, 2008 #1
    I posted this over the Academic/Advise forum. Reposting it here to cast a wider net. Hope the admins don't mind...

    Please be my GRE study buddy. I'm Chan from the Boston area. This is basically all you'll ever need to know about me because I'm trying a new approach -- you'll be my study buddy over the net. You'll need a Yahoo account and a Windows or maybe Mac OS. We'll voice/text/maybe video over Y Messenger.

    I'll be virtually tied to my desk studying anything from GRE to QM to EM, math etc. If I fall asleep, you'll call out "Smith #444 or whatever, wake up!". (cf. Orwell, "1984")

    We can complain about things and how difficult it is to get what you want, your college of choice, etc.

    So I guess you should be just yourself, willing to work hard or hardly working, having a sense of humor, be supportive, etc. There'll be no innuendo. :)

    It will be fun.

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