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Admissions GRE Dates and Submission

  1. Jul 10, 2016 #1
    Hi all.

    This year the subject test dates are scheduled for September 17th, and October 29th, with scores being available online on October 17th, and November 28th respectively. I know the magic cut-off time for some of the schools I was looking at seem to be around mid-December.

    I was wondering if anyone knew, especially for the second subject test, if holding off and waiting to see your score when it's available online before sending it will allow it to get there before these mid-December dates? I found this thread with a similar question, but it was from 2013. So I wanted to know if it was still safe today to hold out.

    Thanks for any insight.
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  3. Jul 11, 2016 #2
    I did this and had no problems. I believe that they are sent electronically. The deadlines for pGRE scores (if I recall correctly) are just the dates by which they must be sent - i.e., you won't have any negative consequences as long as you send them before the mid-December deadline.
  4. Jul 11, 2016 #3
    Thanks! Hopefully this clears things up for people in the future too.
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