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GRE in both Math and Physics

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    Has anyone done this?

    I'm a physics major and I'd like to pursue a degree in mathematical physics. I guess that physics GRE is expected from me as a physics student, although actually I feel much more comfortable in math.

    Do you think that it would be hard to make both? Would it make me more competitive if I scored well in both - or at least in one, or is it just a waste of time?
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    GRE exams are only taken in order to be accepted into grad schools aren't they; that is, there is no real benefit of taking them? I don't see the point in taking both: you should check with the department you are applying to, but as a rule of thumb I'd say that if you were applying to a maths department you'd take the math GRE and if applying to a physics department you'd take the physics GRE (of course there are bound to be exceptions).
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    I second cristo. If you're pursuing Math Physics, you might impress the admissions board with good scores in both GRE's. But it's probably a better idea to take the time you would have spent on studying for the Math GRE and apply it to getting an even better score on the Physics GRE.
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