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GRE Math Subject Test Prep

  1. Sep 30, 2009 #1

    This November I will be taking the GRE math subject test and was looking for suggestions on some study material. Im interested in getting a test preparation book as it has been a while since I took earlier level calculus classes and it would be nice to refresh my memory. However, I was wondering if anyone here has used a good book that they would like to recommend. I know that on the GRE website there is a practice test, but if there are anyother resources that you would suggest I would be very greatful.

    For those who have taken it, what was the material on the test like? I am currently a senior just about to finish up my degree in math (obviously). I have a strong background in calculus (single and multi-variable, differential equations), statistics and algebra (elementary to abstract), but have limited knowledge in discrete math and anaylsis. Thanks for taking the time to respond and I look forward to hearing about any suggestions.
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