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Other GRE Math subject test

  1. Feb 1, 2016 #1
    I am undergrad doing third year of my engineering. I looked into websites of many US universities for MS Applied math. Most of them require GRE math subject ( as far as I searched)test. The problem is am from engineering background and find it difficult to grasp seemingly simple concepts to math undergrads like limits. I may seem a bit ambitious but want to enter Applied math course to combine both rigor and applications.
    GRE math subject test seems so extensive in syllabus including Analysis, topology. How do I prepare for this exam? What books will be both rigorous and easy to comprehend( like Spivak Calculus). Also, do I get a chance of doing math in US?
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    You want to go to grad school for mathematics and you're shaky on limits? Forget the GRE then, you have much bigger problems than this. Start by putting together a list of topics you'll need for your grad school. Then put together a list of books you should get through. This should probably contain at least one book on rigorous analysis. Then go through these books and take as much time as you need to fully grasp the concepts. Don't rush through it. When you truly grasp the concepts, the GRE should be no problem. But just don't make "passing the GRE" the primary goal here.
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    There are prep books and sites with actual sample Math GRE questions out there. You can check, e.g., Barnes and Noble : www.bn.com for books (maybe they have the books in electronic form), or some bookstore in your country. And complement this with Micromass' advice.
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