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GRE Physics Prep Courses

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    I am considering offering Windows netMeeting (software is free) and email based online prep courses for the GRE Physics Exam.

    Tentative Plan 1
    A Friday A Week --- Starts 3/10 at 6 PM PST. $100 for 4 one-hour lectures on Friday nights (and one on Thursday night) and strategized problem sets. Problem-discussion hours follow lecture hours. (10 lecture hours total.)
    Lesson Plan
    3/10 - E&M
    3/17 - Mechanics
    3/24 - Stat Mech & QM
    3/30 - Special Relativity, Optics, Condensed Matter, etc.
    3/31 (bonus lecture) - Last Minute Exam Q&A

    Tentative Plan 2
    Spring Break Cram --- $200 for 6 daily lectures starting the Saturday night before the exam. Includes strategized problem sets, high-priority email support. (14 lecture hours total.)
    Lesson Plan
    3/25 - E&M
    3/26 - Mechanics
    3/27 - Stat Mech
    3/28 - QM
    3/29 - Special Relativity
    3/30 - Optics, Condensed Matter, etc.
    3/31 (bonus lecture) - Last Minute Exam Q&A

    In general, I'd lecture via netMeeting -- you and your online peers will be able to ask questions on-the-spot, so it'd be like a real lecture. I will assign problems from past exams, which you should attempt to do. (The solutions are already posted on my website below.) Basically, if you study better with a lesson plan and structured lecture-series, then this may help you.

    If you're interested, please email me at yosofun@gmail.com with subject PhysicsPREP...

    About me:
    I am Yosun Chang, the creator of GREPhysics.NET --- the only source for full solutions to all released GRE Physics exams. I have worked through and typed up the solutions to every single released GRE Physics exam question. I am also writing several prep books. I have had 8 year's worth of experience as a private tutor, and I have also been a paid grader at a large public university.
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