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Gre Score And Chance Of Admission In Grad School

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    i'll be writing my GRE next year, and i don't have any publication till date. i'm a student of iit bombay(Masters' course), cpi is >9 in 10. i don't have any clue what kind of GRE score (general as well as subjct GRE)ensures admission to top 20 universities if i mantian this cpi. for top 10 universities? plz help.
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    No GRE scores (both general and subject) will really ensure admittance, though with your grades and good recommendations they will help. What field are you looking at?
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    i'm in physics. what i mean is - i'll have cpi which is good, and i'll get good recommendation letters too. i have some project experience, though didn't publish anything yet. what i want to know is apart from these things what minimum GRE score should i have (i know that there is no official cut-off) so that i can atleast compete, say, if i apply to MIT?
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    To be competitive at the highest levels I would think that you'd like to have a general score of at least 2100/2400 and a subject score of at least 800/990.

    But these are based on my experience from about 5 yrs ago, and things may have changed. Also, your recommendations (references) and research/project experience are more important.
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    You have a great profile. I am sorry to be a little blunt but making it to Top five takes some extra effort. Do you have any international Olympiad or peer reviewed journal publication? You can find a good admission chance estimator at www.missiongre.com.
    It has an admission prediction tool that can be used to check your chances at MIT.
    Best of luck
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    By the way, in case you don't know MIT does not ask for GRE score.
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    First, this post was 5 years old. The OP might well have a PhD by now.

    Second, your information is incorrect. MIT Physics requires the GRE. See http://web.mit.edu/admissions/graduate/pdfs/MIT_department_info.pdf Indeed, you will see that all but a small number of departments, like Media Studies, require it.
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