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GRE subject physics

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    Has anyone reading this post taken the GRE subject exam in physics? If so, do you know what calculators they allow? I have a HP48GX (or something like that).

    If they won't allow that, can you recommend a good calculator that does RPN?
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    Doc Al

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    I don't think they allow calculators. (I admit it's been quite a while since I took the GRE!)
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    As Doc Al mentioned, the GRE Physics Test does not allow any calculators. Sorry!
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    Doc Al

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    Actually, now that I recall, the test is multiple choice and set up so that any needed calculations are easy enough to do with pencil and paper. If you need to reach for a caculator, you're probably doing something wrong.
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    I took it yesterday. I answered 36 questions, so the best score I can hope for is in the mid 600s. I don't think it's a good score unless you take into consideration the fact that I don't have a degree in physics and my last physics courses were about 20 years ago. And the book I studied from is even older (probably the 1st edition of the Ohanian physics book). I didn't even study electromagnetics or quantum mechanics. Mainly optics, kinematics, thermodynamics and relativity.

    My score probably isn't good enough to get me into Georgia Tech, where I applied. Fortunately for me, I also applied at UGA and GSU and neither of those institutions require the GRE physics test; they only require the GRE general, and I should do well on that.
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    I was still using a slide-rule back when I took it.:blushing: Don't remember if they were allowed though.
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