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News Great Article Detailing the Bush Administration's Failures in Intelligence

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    http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/?031027fa_fact [Broken]

    Read it, seriously.
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    I think this ties in directly to Bush's assertion that he doesn't follow the news, but rather allows his staff to tell him what he needs to hear. It is this utter lack of intellectual curiousity, often brought up pre-election, that has manifested itself in what the article refers to as 'stovepiping': channeling selected information directly to the top, without passing it through the customary filters. This tendency makes it very easy to manipulate knowledge, by controling the information flow. Maybe this was intentional, to allow 'plausible deniability'?
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    I doubt the Bush Administration is so sinister. I always found, and debated against, the view that the Bush and Blaire administrations concocted lies to defend their stance on Iraq - I found it, and still find it, incomprehensible (and this article reaffirms my stance). They simply heard what they wanted to hear.
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    I dunno...but then again, it works just as well, based on what we know of these folks...the main lie was the one they told themselves?
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    Yeah, pretty much. And all of this misinformation could have been weeded out had the administration followed BASIC protocol.
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    Thanks RageSk8,

    That's serious. :/
    It's shows a lot about ethics.
    I hope a lot of people read this.
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