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Other Great book on Physics found

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    I am still on the first chapter but loving it so far.
    The Physical World: An Inspirational Tour of Fundamental Physics by Manton and Mee
    You can see a preview on amazon. Ignore the 1 star review - "too technical for me". I do not think the person reviewing it was the audience for this book. Yes it is technical (which is why I like it even more). But, everything in the book is derived from the first principles and steps are not skipped. Excellent and easy to follow. This is the book Susskind's books should have been.

    I wish there were more books like this.
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    He reminds me by Penrose book Road To Reality, I'll buy it since I need book similar to this!
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    Road to Reality becomes terribly hard to read after the first few chapters. Hopefully, it is not going to turn out like that :)
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    The book by Manton and Me is great, but I found one wrong statement in it. On page 519 they say:
    "John Bell showed that the EPR thought experiment implies that if quantum mechanics
    is correct then there are correlations between measurements that cannot be explained by
    any hidden variables theory."
    That's wrong. The correct statement should have "any local" instead of "any". Fortunately, they make it correct at page 523.
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    Yes, I have that one as well. They are very different books. Also the MCP book covers only classical. Plan to try and read it later.

    You can find most of the contents of the MCP here
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    I am not judging but the title is a bit put off.

    Did you read other chapters ? Especially the ones on Quantum Mechanics and Thermodynamics, how are they ?
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    Still on the first chapter :)
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