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Great forum, Hello to everyone

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    Hey everyone. Just registered and wanted to say hi. Stumbled across PF as I was looking for information on self study books for Math as I havent taken a Math class in ten years and I just started going to college this summer after getting out of the military.

    Really working on locking down my Math skills as I will be declaring my major to Physics as soon as I complete Calculus. I never was interested in Math until I started reading Physics books such as The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics by James Kakalios and Six Easy Peices and Six Not So Easy Peices by Richard Feynman. Loved those books and they were "Math friendly" for the most part but I realized if I wanted to answer any of my questions Id need to know Math. Now I love them both.

    I was blown away by the resources and level of information here at PF. Talk about a gold mine. I wish I could contribute knowledge and experience here but I have zero so unfortunately Ill be a leech for information without much helpful contribution. Hopefully Ill get to a point where I can help other people as Im a firm believer in paying it forward. Looking forward to talking to everyone throughout the forum.
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    Welcome to the PF, and thank you for your military service. :smile:
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    Thank you and nice bike. Actually just sold my '08 R1. Always liked those LEs.
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