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Great Forum

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    Just a quick intro from myself to say thank you for the signup as a member and for the forums inception. I have used forums from there was 28k Dial up and theyre the best way to get understanding or be able to understand what we do or do not know or seek to find an understanding from.

    I found the forums because as a young man I began questioning things while in "state education" a long time ago. But really it was by actually typing one question into a search engine previous to signing up "What Freq do humans resonate at" I have always wondered would all the human organs give out a definitive resonance via the skin, then to find I was never taught that the Skin is also an Organ and its the 2nd largest.

    Things of this nature at a Primary-Secondary School level were absent in the "Free Education" by the State in N.Ireland-Belfast especially.

    ALSO ABSENT were Quantum Physics, Basic Physics, with all math never reaching to any level of which to compare to or wish to excel in; and all books and other books or material I had been reading from always deferred these things as "religious"

    Upon landing here, I was immediately hooked at the discussions, although differences in opinions were noted, not one member was arguing or bitching like I have witnessed in some other forums I had joined when I was younger. I look forward to reading and contributing to the forums...
    Thank You - From Belfast - Ireland
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    Thanks! Welcome to PF!
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    Hi...Im on a new screen.
    Just a quick note to say I was used to posting on an older more zoomed screen, that I failed add white-space for improved readability.
    All sentences previously appeared longer or shorter than the web outcome.
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    If you would like to discuss that subject, you will need to find a mainstream peer-reviewed journal article about it, and post the link to start that article. The PF is a mainstream scientific education and discussion website. Welcome.
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