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Great new Google version (for research)

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    this is the beta version
    it searches the scholarly journal literature
    and finds free online versions of articles (if you dont have a
    subscription to the journals

    I read that it even ranks its hits by the citation indices
    (how highly an article is regarded by other scientists can
    be estimated at least roughly by how often other articles
    cite it as reference)

    thanks to "uncle Al" for this bit of news

    I expect this new "scientist version" of
    Google will be helpful

    Here is something in Nature journal about it
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    Halve an hour googling gets more knowledge in than an afternoon in a library. That's now 5 minutes with this toy.

    Thanks Marcus.

  4. Nov 24, 2004 #3
    Maybe you should google up yourself a dictionary. :rofl:

    I kid.
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    Google ranks its hits by the number of citations. So it is a great introduction to the fundations of any topic. However, the most recent work on the topic is lost. The best way to get the most recent work is still to search in www.arXiv.org, which will organize hits from most recent to earliest, of only papers in the arXiv of course.
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