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Great new poetry collection that fits in (largesize) pocket

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    this anthology of short-to-medium hard-hitting poems went on sale today 10 May at UK Amazon

    it is published by BLOODAXE BOOKS. 160 pages. unerring picks from over 100 writers and translators.
    compiled by Bloodaxe founder and editor Neil Astley and a film-maker friend of his, Pamela Pearce.


    I was fortunate enough to see an advance copy. It is a beautiful book---bigger than standard pocket-size but still small enough to fit in a jacket sidepocket.
    The poems make poetry worthwhile
    They really sock it to you.

    If you know Mary Oliver, it has her very best.

    It has Rumi, it has William Blake, in other words food for every kind of spirit. No one particular dogma slant. except for maybe a sort of passionate willingness to experience.

    Should become everybody's favorite poetry anthology!
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