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Great Number theory notes

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    For all those starting on number theory, here are some notes from the Cambridge first year syllabus.

    They cover diaphatine equations etc.


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    Your link doesn't work, it's the way you've wrote it or something, for other people here it is: http://www.dpmms.cam.ac.uk/~wtg10/mathsindex.html

    Oh and thanks, looks interesting, I might give it a read.
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    cheers for writing it out - and the stuff is really good.

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    A space after the equals sign was the culprit. Thanks for the link. PF has a link section in menu @ top of each page- you could also add it there.
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    sorry - bit of a NOOB - what is pf?

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    PF = Physics Forums, the place you're at right now. :)

    Welcome to PF!
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    Yey! abbreviations! they're all greek to me !!
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