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Great physicists that inspire!

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    I'm pretty new to the wonderful world of physics! Who are some people I can look to for inspiration?

    Any book suggestions would be nice too- love to readddddddd.
    Mention some awesome women physicists too :)

    i know this is something i could just simply google, but i'd rather hear from you guys.
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    Richard Feynman is a constant inspiration for me. As far as books go, I would suggest reading QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter, The Character of Physical Law, or Six Easy Pieces to begin with so that you can decide if you enjoy his style.
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    Richard Feynman
    Von Neumann
    Tycho Brahe

    If you are interested in scientists in general Linus Pauling and Robert Burns Woodward are very interesting too.
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    just added the pleasure of finding things out to my amazon shopping cart lol :)
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    Use this link to purchase!

    Feynman will likely be the most recommended here, and for good reason. I really like Walter Lewin, Carl Gauss, Leonard Euler, Jim Al-Khalili, Leonard Susskind, Kip Thorne. If you haven't read the Feynman lectures on physics, do yourself a favor.
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    I loved Leonard Susskind's "The Black Hole War." Read it twice so far and plan on reading it again. It is not a technical book but I would say its a must read.
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