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Great Physics resource

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    I just wanted to pass along this resource. http://ojps.aip.org/ajp/" [Broken] has many articles that is accessible to undergradautes, and maybe even some advanced high schoolers. The journal has many artilces on classical physics problems, and experiments that can be done in just about any undergraduate lab. Any decent school will have a subscription for this journal.
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    A similar journal is the European Journal of Physics, published by the Institute of Physics (which is the European counterpart of the AIP). Most school libraries should have either hardcopy or electronic access to this journal also. In addition, IoP has a policy that ALL articles in their journals are available for FREE during the first 30 days they appear online.

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    Thanks very much for that link. It will prove most interesting. (At least the bits that I can understand.:biggrin: )
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