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Greatest idea ever

  1. Mar 11, 2006 #1
    so i was in the Dining Commons today, and they had some corn bread squares at the dessert station. at first glance, they looked a bit like rice crispies treats, and i got all excited. upon further inspection, i realized what they really were and became thoroughly dissapointed. then i looked around the DC in saddness when brilliance struck. They have rice crispies cereal, and at the hot chocolate station, there are marshmallows, and why, they even have butter out for toast, I CAN MAKE MY OWN RICE CRISPIES TREATS!!!

    yes yes, i know its genius. completely free snackage, mmm. all i need is a pot and a pan though. not how to go about aquiring those... the genius has to stop somewhere i guess...
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    Does it have a microwave? It won't be easy, but I bet something could be managed!
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    we have a microwave and an oven and range in the kitchen in our dorm. no problem there! hehe, i can't imagine making rice crispies treats in the DC microwave... that'd be a bit suspicious. technically i'm not allowed to do this.. but whatever. pssh.
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    Well, if you're not allowed, then I won't condone it. :tongue: It would probably take a bit of experimenting to figure out how to melt the marshmallows anyways.

    A pot and pan couldn't be all that difficult to find, could it? Surely you can bum one off of your friends, especially if you bribe them with promises of getting a treat when you're done!
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    although no one but apparently hurkyl cares, it was a success. i just finished them, and they look goooooood. i even got some m&ms from the ice cream station to top them, check it out.

    http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/1778/image0549nl.jpg [Broken]

    college style rice crispies treats. i used some persons bowl and all the ingredients from the DC. completetly and utterly free. mmmmm. the tasts of victory.
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    If I had a mouth it would be trying to eat those through the screen. Looks yummy! :tongue2:
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    Very Cool Gale! :cool:
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    i knows. they're yummy guys, in case you wanted to know.
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    Doesn't look very good
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    to steal what gale says: those look 'super yummy'! :rofl:

    ..........wait a minute, what the is that poster in the background you dork? Pi=3.14159??? Everyone cool knows the good poster is e = 2.178281828.....
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    penguins suck!!

    and yeah, its 200k digits of pi. i'm that cool.
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    Where can I get a poster like that?
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    What a waste of paper. You could fit a full size nude woman on that poster.....
  16. Mar 11, 2006 #15
    Yeah Gale, you could fit a full size nude woman on that poster :smile:
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    Now, that's using the old bean! Good job, Gale! Bon appetit!
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    Unlike you I am drawn to matters far more important then mere physical pleasure. You know why. o:) :wink:
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    wouldn't she rip it? why not leave the poster on the wall and put the full sized nude woman on the rice crispie treats?
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