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Greatest Integer function

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    can any one tell me how to solve for integer solutions of


    tell the interval of its non integral solutions

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    But [x] = x for all integers x, so the integer solutions of [x][y] = x + y are the same as the integer solutions of xy = x + y, (x, y) in {(0, 0), (2, 2)}.
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    well can you show the step

    the answer is (0,0) ,(2,2)

    i am looking for good and proper stepwise answer and not guesses , i think my method is very weak ..thats why i am here
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    first, I must say that "Guessing" (and then checking your guess) is a perfectly "good and proper" method! For n an integer, [n]= n so your equation is simply xy= x+ y. You can write this as xy- y= (x-1)y= x or, if x is not 1, y= x/(x-1). If x is not 0, that says x-1 divides x. The only integer x such that x-1 is a factor of x, is x= 2. You can then check x= 1 or x= 0 separately: If x= 1, xy= x+ y becomes y= 1+ y which is never true.; If x= 0, then xy= x+ y becomes 0= 0+ y which is true for y= 0. The only only solutions are x= y= 0 and x= y= 2.
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    i agree to what you said

    if you replace x-1=k
    case 1

    no further value of k will do as 1/k is a fraction and goes on to decrease

    similiarly you can do k<1


    rest all give fraction of decreasing value

    ok this much is clear to me but i cant even think of something to start with for next part
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