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Greatest song in the world tribute

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    jimmy p

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    Greatest song in the world....tribute

    I have just watched the Tenacious D 'tribute' video for the umpteenth time, but it got me thinking (or in Mr Robin Parson's case..thunking) what IS the greatest song in the world? In your opinion anyway. (could be song OR piece of music for the classical fans)

    IMHO, the greatest song i have heard is "The Great Escape" by Marillion.
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    Sweet Child O'mine

    But you knew i was gonna say that.
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    There are two songs that mean a lot to me, they helped me through the time preparing to depart to the US..

    1) I WOULD STAY by KREZIP, it is a young Dutch pop-group, the song is really up-beat, but reflective. Basically I was feeling guilty to my parents, so that explains the song :)
    2) IT'S MY LIFE by JON BON JOVI, also self explanatory :)

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    "Subterfuge" by Barnabas.

    "The course of world insanities rests chiefly on the few,

    Whose self-inflicted vanitites require your servitude.

    Days of lies and subterfuge are times most opportune,

    To drain the living attitude from those who feel entombed.

    A species cannot tolerate predation from within,

    With power indiscriminate, lack of discipline."
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    Two of my favorites are by a Texas musician named Shake Russell. "Deep in the West" and "Two Silver Hearts". He is often INCORRECTLY listed under country music because his songs have been recorded by Waylon Jennings, Clint Black, etc... but his music is NOT country. I used to watch him at a jazz club back in Houston.

    Deep in the West

    Deep in the West where the tall mountains grow
    I've gone home
    Where the heaven above turns red from the fire
    Down below

    Are you listening to me when I'm talking to you
    Said together we're one, divided we're through

    Silver friend at night, yellow friend you come
    With the dawn
    Back in my heart, I've been drying my eyes
    See me run

    So you hang onto me, and I'll hang on to you
    Said together we're one, divided we're through

    Refusing to talk, I suppose that it's all
    For loves sake
    And learning to give, that's important
    Before you can take from me

    Are you listening to me when I'm talking to you
    Said together we're one, divided we're through

    So hang onto me, and I'll hang on to you
    Said together we're one, divided we're through


    I don't have all the lyrics to "Two Silver Hearts", but it is a beautiful song about a couple very much in love growing old together. It talks about them being life long friends...melts my heart every time I hear it.
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    jimmy p

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    Seeing as we are posting lyrics too....

    Marillion - The Great Escape

    Heading for the great escape
    Heading for the rave
    Heading for the permanent holiday
    Heading for the winter trip
    Heading for the slide
    Heading for the dignified walk away
    Heading for the open road
    Goodbye to all that
    Heading for the automatic overload
    Standing in the open boat
    Standing in the swing
    Waiting for the ringing and the bright light
    Waiting to be recognised
    Quiet applause will do
    They shower you with flowers when they bury you
    You're holdin on
    You're holdin on......

    Just when I thought I'd seen the last of you
    You come here scratchin' at my door
    Your pain and anger's in the howling dark
    Of every corridor I walk
    So tell me more
    About the love that you rejected
    Tell me more about the trust you disrespected
    I still don't know
    Why did you hurt the very one
    Why did you hurt the very one that you should have protected?

    Don't ask me why I'm doing this
    You wouldn't understand
    You're asking the wrong questions
    You couldn't understand
    A bridge is not a high place
    The fifty-second floor
    Icarus would know
    A mountain isn't far to fall
    When you've fallen from the moon
    There's murder on the street
    I'm ashes on the water now
    Somewhere far away
    I have fallen
    From the moon
  9. Feb 22, 2004 #8
    Go With The Flow - Queens of the Stone Age

    Get it at Kazaa now :smile:
  10. Feb 23, 2004 #9
    Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen, I believe this song is brilliant, many critics have nominated this as "the best song in the world" because of its eclectic nature.
  11. Feb 23, 2004 #10
    THRASHER by Neil Young
    They were hiding behind hay bales,
    They were planting in the full moon
    They had given all they had for something new
    But the light of day was on them,
    They could see the thrashers coming
    And the water shone like diamonds in the dew.

    And I was just getting up, hit the road before it's light
    Trying to catch an hour on the sun
    When I saw those thrashers rolling by,
    Looking more than two lanes wide
    I was feelin' like my day had just begun.

    Where the eagle glides ascending
    There's an ancient river bending
    Down the timeless gorge of changes
    Where sleeplessness awaits
    I searched out my companions,
    Who were lost in crystal canyons
    When the aimless blade of science
    Slashed the pearly gates.

    It was then I knew I'd had enough,
    Burned my credit card for fuel
    Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand
    With a one-way ticket to the land of truth
    And my suitcase in my hand
    How I lost my friends I still don't understand.

    They had the best selection,
    They were poisoned with protection
    There was nothing that they needed,
    Nothing left to find
    They were lost in rock formations
    Or became park bench mutations
    On the sidewalks and in the stations
    They were waiting, waiting.

    So I got bored and left them there,
    They were just deadweight to me
    Better down the road without that load
    Brings back the time when I was eight or nine
    I was watchin' my mama's T.V.,
    It was that great Grand Canyon rescue episode.

    Where the vulture glides descending
    On an asphalt highway bending
    Thru libraries and museums, galaxies and stars
    Down the windy halls of friendship
    To the rose clipped by the bullwhip
    The motel of lost companions
    Waits with heated pool and bar.

    But me I'm not stopping there,
    Got my own row left to hoe
    Just another line in the field of time
    When the thrashers comes, I'll be stuck in the sun
    Like the dinosaurs in shrines
    But I'll know the time has come
    To give what's mine.
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    I have over 1,000 albums, and you want me to pick ONE SONG???? I'd have trouble picking one CASE OF DISCS!

    - Warren
  13. Feb 23, 2004 #12


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    Well, maybe I can pick a few. Humm. U2's "Where the Streets Have No Names" is certainly one of best, I think....

    - Warren
  14. Feb 24, 2004 #13

    jimmy p

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    *jealous* I only have about 100 cds...but then im only 18..

    thats a pretty cool song, i like a lot of U2's stuff :smile:
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  15. Feb 24, 2004 #14
    Great pick!

    I'd also add "Love Rescue Me" from U2's Rattle and Hum album.
  16. Feb 24, 2004 #15
    beethoven's 5th and or 9th symphonies
  17. Feb 25, 2004 #16
    Call me weird, but I think Mozart's Requiem is great...

    And yeah, Beethoven's 9th Symphony is also one of my favourites.
  18. Feb 25, 2004 #17
    I couldn't even pick my favorite song from each genre, and comparing/contrasting songs from different genres is unfair and unrealistic.

    I MIGHT be able to narrow down by picking my top ten eongs from each genre for each decade in the 20th century and leave classical out of it altogether, but even that would be a helluva undertaking.

    I never understood how anyone could have a "favorite song of all time" (or any other art, for that matter).
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