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Greek/hindu Etcmythology.why ?

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    We all know that about the Greek Gods and the various stories and beliefs related to them.Similarly many Gods exist in the Hindu culture.At the same time Christianity and Islam also preach about Gods,but mainly one.All of this is based on the writings of people in the past.Now they might be myths,but there MUST have been a REASON for all these stories to originate in the first place.Dont you think so ?
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    I think there were MANY REASONS; to search for a SINGLE reason is futile and will tend to simplistic "explanations" (which I don't have, BTW)
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    One similarity that I found was that the old Bible story about Noah and the Ark seemed to closely parallel some parts from the Epic of Gilgamesh in ancient Sumerian literature.
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    The oldest hindu gods and the oldest Greek and Roman gods were cognate. Uranus = Varuna, and the divine twins (Gemini, dioskoroi) also exist in the Vedic pantheon. This is consistent with a common root pantheon in early indo-european times. The origin of that pantheon is unkown, but I point out that Cthlhu is a well-formed indo-european word (cf sthenhu, thunder ):eek:
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