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Physics Green careers in physics

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    Are there any fields of physics that one can go into after getting a masters or a phd that merge together experimental or theoretical physics and directly tackling environmental problems. The only thing I could think of is fusion research, which could eventually lead to cleaner energy. More specifically, what particular areas of study in graduate school would be best suited for such a career.
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    Keep in mind that fusion reactors are not necessarily a lot cleaner than fission reactors. Especially for the easiest fusion reactions to ignite and contain, there ends up being plenty of radioactive stuff that you have to deal with (all the containment apparatus becomes pretty radioactive from all the neutron bombardment). The best part about fusion reactors is that if control of the reaction is lost, the reaction stops. When control is lost in a fission reactor, you get a meltdown and a mess.
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    How about geophysics and hydrology????
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    we have a department of athmospheric and environmental physics that does a lot of research on aerosols etc. there might be something similiar around you too.
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