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Green Energy

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    I am a physics major, what would be a possible route into green technology? What kind of grad school would I look too? Phd physics or engineering? And what would I specialize in at grad school ? I guess there are all kinds of technologies that could possibly be used ie: solar, hydorgen, geothermal, so I am not sure if there would even be anything that covers this broad spectrum.
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    Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Material Science, Electrical Engineering

    I think most science fields have some applications to Green Energy. As far as after your undergrad, find a grad school that has research in that field going on. If you like physics maybe try for EE or ME, find a school that is doing projects with solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, hydrogen cars. Maybe find a program working on Bio-Diesel and E85

    Your undergrad Physics Degree should have you well prepared to work in Green energy in my opinion
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