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Green eyes

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    Can you please post pictures (Preferrably close-ups but they don't have to be) of natural (Not man-made) green eyes in this thread (I need them for a school project Im doing on genetics) and Im having trouble finding close-ups of ones that I know are natural)

    (If the pictures look really good too that's good)

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    Do a 'green eye' image search on google and you will find plenty.
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    Do these eyes look real?

    http://www.butterflydani.com/eyes.jpg [Broken]

    http://www.coastalcaffeine.com/images/Erin%20D%20-%20Eyes.JPG [Broken]

    Im not sure whether it looks like the person is wearing contacts
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    Hey, check out this site of celebrities with green eyes. I didn't look in depth but if you can't find a picture you like of the eyes of these celbrities then you can always find a better picture of them from somewhere else. It might add a little zing to your project to use celebrities. I know I always perk up when I hear the words 'Jennifer Connelly' or Jennifer Anniston'.
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    thanks....that helped a little
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    I have kind of green eyes.

    Actually I am not sure. Maybe they are blue with a yellow ring in the middle. Hmm, I don't really realise how special my eyes are. So they should be green in the middle. I guess I should try to take a picture.

    Sapphire, I think those are real. Or they look real. My eyes look a bit like Jennifer Connelly ones. So even if that one isn't real, which is very possible. It is a realistic lok. My eyes have a stronger yellow ring in the middle. You can see a bit of yellow ring in the middle of those eyes but I have more yellow.

    Seems that green eyes are just blue ones with yellow inside.
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