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Green inverse problem in Differential equation

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    Let be L(Y)=a0(x)D^2y+a1(x)Dy+a2(x) with the boundary conditions Y(a)=c and Y(b)=d then we could construct the Green function


    then my question is if given the G(x,s) we could construct the L(y) operator considering is a second order differential equation.
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    No se porqué pero me da que tu tambien eres español....
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    Si si que lo soy,vivo un poco mas al norte que tu (Pais Vasco)..¿que tal? la verdad es que no somos muchos por aqui cierto?..
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    Integrate the 2 members of L(y)G(x,s)=d(x-s)
    Then use the formula of inverse Green Function and use the theory of distributions
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    i did not understand you Feynmann..could you be more explicit if G(x,s) is the Kernel i have that

    a0(x)D^2G(x,s)+a1(x)DG(x,s)+a2(x)=d(x-s) but i do not know the functions a0(x),a1(x),a2(x) what is the formula of the inverse Green function?....
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