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Green light

  1. Dec 18, 2009 #1
    Hi sorry if this is very basic, I am an animal final year student and have come across a problem for my dissertation. I am looking at wavelength of light. Now the question, is a green bulb purely giving off green light, ie if it more blue green is it giving of predonimantly light of around 500 nm where as 560 nm equals a darker green. I need as close to 520-560 as possible while excluding as much as possible of other wavelengths. I thank you for your help in advance
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    There is no way to answer this since you have not provided more info on your "green bulb". We have no way of knowing the specs of the light source. Did you buy something off the shelf at a hardware store, or is this a $10,000 piece of light source with a monochrometer?

    Pass the light through a spectrometer and look at the spread in wavelength. That should tell you off the bat the bandwidth.

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    You will need to test the bulb in question, either using your own spectrometer, or from the manufacturer's specifications. You may also want to look into LED's, there are several different kinds that emit in the green range. But with the narrow band you want I suspect that you would need some heavy filters even with a green LED.
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    Hi, thanks for the replies. I dont have a spectrometer and was hoping for an off the shelf answer as I am on a very limited budget. Would photographers do a filter that could narrow down enough or is there any other answer, even a paint that could be put on a bulb. I was hoping it would be as easy as an ultra violet light to purchase. I know it all a bit vague but I cant go into to much detail with out giving the game away.

    Manufacturuers dont tend to put much detail on the bulb.
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