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Green Stars?

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    I was out in my backyard performing some astronomic observations for azimuth and latitude and was treated to a few of the recent meteors. I have seen a few different colored ones and it got me to wondering. I have heard of red, blue, white and other colored stars, but don't ever remember hearing about a green one.
    So, are there any green stars?
    And what other colors are missing?
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    The color of stars are mostly just red white/yellow and blue; this is because they're very rough classes referring to the temperature (and therefore peak luminosity of the stars). Cold stars are red, moderate - white/yellow, and hot - blue. All of these stars appear fairly white (yellow with atmospheric effects) when looking at the entire visible band.
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    There are stars that are pretty green, but star colors are most evident in subjective comparisons, star-to-star. Loose clusters are great for this. The double cluster is a nice place to browse with a decent 'scope to identify various colors. One decent example of subjective color-perception is Alberio. The pairing of gold and blue stars is fairly striking when you see them together - either alone would be less remarkable.
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    The post is mostly accurate but a tiny bit misleading. You Do not need only green light to perceive the color green; you just need more green light than what is available from a blackbody radiator.

    A great example of a natural spectrum that closely mimics the solar blackbody emission but looks very green is the sulpher plasma.
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    Thank you gentlemen,
    If the kids ever ask, I'll have this one covered.
    Dad is looking smarter all the time.
    ...except to the wife, of course...
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    There are also Orange stars such as Betelgeuse, Antares, Aldebaran, Arcturus and Pollux, all of which are clearly of orange or red hue.
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