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Greene's new book

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    Has anyone started or finished greene's new book? What did you think? Is it worth picking up?
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    Greene is able to achieve a wonderful state of equilibrium in his books, in my opinion; it's not excessively layman in that it leaves those familiar with the material without reverance, and it's casual enough that you can almost read it like many would a novel. It doesn't read like Feynman, but it doesn't read like Dan Brown either.

    Of course, the above is my opinion of The Elegant Universe, so it's possible his new book abberrated from this preferred (by me) state of equilibrum.
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    I bave read about half of the book, and I think it is excellent. The book is easy to read, in fact I think that it is easier to read than The Elegant Universe.
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    I started reading "The Fabric of the Cosmos", but it seemed like a lot of re-iteration of that which was already explained in "The Elegant Universe", so I put it down. Krazie, when you finish it, tell us how well you like it, and maybe I'll pick it up again.
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    different than elegant universe

    elegant universe was alot better than this book he took very different path's in the next book and just didn't gel like the first. but still a good book much better than many other writers today.
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    I'm reading it now. It has a different purpose than "Elegant". Rather than explicating a given theory he is trying to show what science is saying and can say about the basic questions of time, space, causality, realism, and so on. He is very frank when he states his own opinion but gives you end notes with other scientists' contrasting opinions.
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